Saturday, November 21, 2009

What My Child Is Reading

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This week D and I spent at least an hour and a half playing at the library. No one was there and we had a blast. They have so many Folkmanis Puppets and we just love making up stories with them.

So, here is a question. Do you judge a book by it's cover? I do. I know we are told over and over and we tell our children over and over, not to, but it is hard. If the cover looks cute and fun I am way more likely to check it out. I know I am skimming over some of the best books out there but it is hard to stop.

Plus, I never read a book before we check it out to make sure that it is something D will like. So, I will be the first to admit that we have been burned by a book which I thought was going to be great because the cover was intriguing and the book was only so-so.

Anyway, I think each week I am going to start including mine and D's favorite book out of the ones we read this week.

D really like the Wolverine book. I did not. I really didn't want to check out this book. One, because it is just too difficult of a read and two because it is just a little to graphic for my liking. What is it with little boys and super heroes? We skipped many pages and we really just talked about the pictures.

My choice for this week was Grumpy Bird. Not sure why. I just liked it. I also love the Red Sled. There are usually only about 2 words per page but it is so fun to read. You can put so much umpf into reading it.

Happy Reading!


Christy said...

I always judge a book by it's cover. I know it's terrible, but it's hard not to.

Mari-Ann said...

I do this, too! If it doesn't look inviting, it's not invited into my home LOL!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

We LOVE the Red Sled too - thanks for reminding me of this book, we definitely have to get it again sometime soon (well, when the snow arrives, probably soon!). I know I judge M's books by the cover too, how can you not with kids' books? M does this too whenever we go to the library. He has to choose by the cover, what else is he supposed to do, lol? I have to say we have been burned by some too and now I make sure to at least thumb through them quickly before getting it.

Ticia said...

Kids books I always judge by their cover, adult books, not as much.
See if you can find the Super Friends books, or the comics. They're geared for pre-schoolers, so not as much violence much more emphasis on the working together and virtues. My boys LOVE them!

Angie S said...

I judge a book by it's cover too. Gosh I should stop doing that. Glad to have some more reading ideas from you guys!