Monday, November 2, 2009

Pay It Forward- Giveaway

Recently, I participated in a Pay It Forward event. And last week our package came from Nicole at Tired, Need Sleep.

She is such a great and creative mommy. Our little men are about the same age and it is so fun exchanging ideas with her. Her preschool ideas are amazing and she freely shares them with us. Plus, she is a fellow Minnesotan. Need I say more.

Oooo, Exciting!

Here's the loot.

Yay, A growing animal!

These were so cool. Build your own paper cars and trucks. D loved these.


See Mom.

Thank you so much Nicole. This was so fun.

If anyone would like to continue this fun event just be one of the first three to respond and D and I will send your little people a special little something. The only rule is that YOU have to Pay It Forward too and also send a small package to your first three commentors. Am I horrible to ask that this event is only for people in the U.S. Sorry to all of you overseas. We love you but, hey times are tough.

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