Thursday, September 2, 2010

Paper Wreath

I saw a super cute wreath idea over at Living With Lindsey and I had to try my hand at it.

I can't tell yet if I think mine is a project fail or not. Chickie and Gram liked it but Ryan said, "you're not hanging that thing in my house."

For some reason, I got stuck in the idea of using a book that meant something to me, and since I started this project at about 10:00pm I had to use something from around the house. Well, that caused an issue since I am a book addict and find it really hard to get rid of books.

However, our neighbors had just had a garage sale that Manny participated in and a few of the things that didn't sell were some of his old books. Problem with most of those though were that the fonts and margins were really big so, there wasn't a lot of black type on the page. Lucky for me he had a little paperback dictionary tucked away in there and I thought, perfect! The only issue was that the dictionary didn't contain all that many pages.

Anyway, I spray painted the edges purple and also fanned the book out so some of the interior pages were painted.

Next, since I didn't want mine very large I just cut out the center of a paper plate and then continued in the way Lindsey describes. First, I glued paper rolls to the back of the plate and then I flipped the plate over and started filling in the front.

And this is the way she sits. I have tried several ideas for covering the interior edges and nothing has worked yet.

Chickie said that she thinks it is really cute and that she would like to hang it in her room. So, nannynanner, Ryan. My tongue was just sticking out!

Next time, I will use a larger book. Guess that means I need to take a trip to the thrift store!


Nancy said...

Very cute! I've never made one, but always thought they looked neat. Listen to Chickie; the youngens know best!


Eva Marie Harp said...

I love this! It would be fun to do a bunch for halloween deco!
Thank you for the post