Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bulb Time

Yesterday, my day was spent planting these. I am a sucker for tulips.

But first, I had to prepare this. The right side of this picture shows the ground I have already started working and the left hasn't been touched.

Oh my gosh. It is like trying to dig up concrete. There are so many rocks in this soil that every time I attempt to shove the shovel in, I get in about a half and inch a stop. It is really super annoying and it is also really hard work.

I miss my Red River Valley dirt. So, all my peeps back in ND and MN go out and say thank you to your dirt. Seriously, go outside and thank it. It is the best dirt in the world, literally. Send me some, please!

This area has been worked. I added some top soil and peat moss to it. I was even tempted to raid Johnsie's bean bag so, I could add some styrofoam to it. I just know it is going to be concrete again come spring.

Here are some of the rocks we have uncovered in the yard. A few of them are huge.

We had a visitor show up too. Now, he is safely inside being poked at by Johnsie.

Besides planting our bulbs, Johnsie just had to have this little beauty the other day when we were at Walmart.

I think I am going to have go and buy more bulbs today. We only planted on the one side of our porch. Plus we need to add some hyacinths into the mix.

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