Sunday, September 26, 2010

Giving Credit

Giving credit when credit is due is really important out here in blog world. One, it is just proper etiquette. But two, when you give credit to the person(s) that inspire you it reiterates to that person that they are actually making a difference in the world and that all of their hard work is justified.

Awhile ago I posted this activity that Johnsie and I did. We were inspired by Valerie from over at Family Frugal Fun Blog. After I posted, I made sure to go back over to Valerie's site and let her know that Johnsie and I absolutely loved the activity and that I also gave her a shout out here, on my blog.

This morning as I was reading through my favorite blogs I came across this picture over at Valerie's Family Frugal Fun Blog along with a post about how happy it makes her to know that families are coming together and having fun by using her ideas.

So, now not only is Valerie happy, but I am happy knowing that I helped make Valerie happy. Life is good!


Ticia said...

Very cool.

Sarah said...


Awesome blog!!! My gosh has "Johnsie" grown up in the past two years!!!

You are a wonderful mommy and I'm super glad that life is going well for you in NY!


Melissa said...

I always try to give credit and sometimes I see an idea and forget to save the page and then I feel so bad for taking the idea and not giving them credit! It is so important!