Saturday, December 5, 2009

What We Are Reading

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Ok, So the past few posts for What My Child is Reading that I have done I have used an Amazon Widget to display the books we are reading. But, it seems the widget doesn't show up in readers. UGH. So, I am just copying and pasting pictures from web.

Good Old Dr. Seuss. Need I say more!

It was fun to read this book. When I read, I add a lot of noises and this one was full of grunts.

D has had me read (sing) this book every day since we got it from the library. He loves to look for the little pug on each page.

That Santa is one busy guy.

This was my FAVORITE this week. It is such a cute book. And since we have had so many boxes around lately we have had lots of imagination flowing.


Raising a Happy Child said...

Thanks for joining and sharing your books. It's strange that your widget doesn't show. Can you see mine? I haven't had any complaints indicating that it doesn't show.
We haven't read any of your selections except the last one, which we also borrowed from the library this week. We enjoyed Not a Stick before, so I am excited to read this one too.

Katy @ A Few More Pages said...

My Friend Rabbit is great. We'll have to keep an eye out for Not a Box--I haven't heard of it before. :)

The Fifth Street Mama said...

We are Dr. Seuss fans here too!

Not a box looks very interesting. I will have to see if i can find it at our library.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I'm never able to see the widgets in my reader. I think they are really cool, but haven't done one of my own for just that reason.

I love Dr. Seuss, and can't believe I've never heard of this book! It looks really fun! We'll have to take a look at Not a Box too! Thanks!

Debbie said...

All these books sound great! My list is constantly growing.

I struggled with the widgets, so I go to Amazon find the book, save the picture post it on my blog and link it back to Amazon.

Ticia said...

I love My Friend Rabbit, actually I need to find a new copy because my kids destroyed the first. Have you seen the Saturday morning TV show that goes with it? It's super cute and perfect for pre-schoolers.