Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Summer Vacation

Me and My Guy

So, I was looking through photos we had taken over the summer and I got to thinking I better start posting about our wonderful summer trip. Ya think I would have already done this since it is December.

I really thought I was going to be able to write while we were on our journey but, sometimes we stayed in hotels where you had to pay for internet (which I am WAY to frugal for) and sometimes I was just too pooped from the days activities.

So, why not post pictures now. Who doesn't like to look at summer pictures and think of hot days like the one where we were at Hoover Dam and it was 118 degrees, especially when it has been below zero the past few days here in MN.

I left off when we really had just begun our journey and we were at Yellowstone. You can find that post here and our time in South Dakota before Yellowstone here. Actually, looking back I want to post more pictures of our trip through SD.

This is us at Bear Country by Rapid City, SD.

I love pictures of me with sunglasses on. You can't see all the wrinkles around my eyes. 35 is OLD and wrinkly.

These wolf pups were so cute.

N taking care of this bear that was giving us some attitude.

This was D's favorite part of Bear Country.

I thought I should at least include one picture of a bear we saw.


Ticia said...

So you probably don't want to hear how it was 70 two days ago?

Annette said...

Gee, if you are 35 and wrinkly, I'm going to be 35 and pruny in two years!