Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Great Gramps

Ryan's Grandfather, Hank, stopped by the other day along with Uncle Tommy.

I so wish we would see him more often. The boys love their Great Gramps so much. A was at work so, she wasn't able to see him.

Great Gramps, 88, was an Army Paratrooper in WWII. He then became a Ranger and traveled all over the world. He eventually became a parachute trainer for the army in Georgia. After awhile he became a science teacher in MN, raising a family with 5 kiddos.

Standing next to Gramps is Uncle Tommy, my father-in-laws younger brother. My father-in-law is the oldest of his siblings.

Giving Great Gramps hugs bye. D told Gramps that he will miss him when we move to NY. It got me teary.

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