Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tot School

Tot School

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We bought these foam ornaments from the Dollar Store.

The trees, snowmen and snowflakes are called table scatter. But, we glued them to the ornaments.

Many years ago Gram used to do daycare and she made a ton of stencils using cereal boxes. All of her grandkids have loved using them.

This is the giraffe that Gram and D made.

This is a monster/superhero maker that used to be my husband's and his brothers. You pick the legs, body and then head.

Next, you put a piece of paper over your template and color.

And viola. Your own superhero.

A used to have a Barbie one of these when she was little.

We love to play Memory.

Gram and D bought this (since ours is packed in NY) at D's favorite store, Walmart.

Wacky Gears. This is a little hard for D to do on his own.

So, it is a good project for us to do together.

Tot School at G & G's is so great because there are so many new things for us to explore.


Raising a Happy Child said...

This is awesome that D gets to explore things that you did when you were a child. It's quite different when one raises a child in another country and another language like we do. The monster making kit looks really neat.

Our Little Family said...

How fun!! My mom has saved nearly everything from my childhood, and it's like a walk down memory lane to see MY daughter now playing with those things.

Great week!!

Katie said...

Lots of fun stuff this week! (and stencils out of cereal boxes is genius!)

Susan said...

My daughter loves playing with toys from my childhood too. I am so glad that my mom saved them. Make sure to save a few for him!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I love that set of gears - what fun that would be! And I had similar rubbing plates where you could make a barbie in different outfits. Oh those were the days, lol! It looks like your kids are enjoying time at the grandparents! :)