Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tot School

Tot School

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Love our geoboard!

We love playing BINGO.

We got this in the mail from Nicole in our Pay it Forward Giveaway.

UNO! First, we separated the colors.

Then, we lined up the cards in number order.

Last, we matched up all of the other numbers from the other colors. Just to let you know we did not make it through the entire UNO deck. Too many cards for D and not eventful enough.

One of our new favorite games. Feed the Kitty.

This is a simple, easy game. No reading needed. Your kiddo will work on counting and mostly on taking turns.

One of our old favorite games. Candy Land.

We always do mazes.

Working on our same and different workbook that we got from the Target $ Spot this last fall.

Using our magnetic numbers to match up to the groups of Christmas stickers.

Not sure what is going to be accomplished this week. It is a busy one for us and everyone else I guess.


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

What fun! Emily would love to do that with the UNO cards, what a great idea! I also like the number magnets on the baking sheet... so cute!

Ticia said...

Why hadn't I thought of doing that with Uno cards? That's a great idea, and we love geoboards here too.

Rebecca said...

I also love the Uno card idea!

Susan said...

Uno cards, What fun!

Diana said...

The Uno card idea is great. I also love the magnetic numbers with the holiday foam stickers. Thanks for sharing!