Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Sucks

I have never been away from Ryan for more than a week in the past 18 years and now, today, he left and I have no idea when I will see him again. He left to go start working in NY and to look for a house for us while the kids and I stay here and try to sell this house.

Wow, words really can't explain how I feel at this minute. I love him so much.
It was hard watching him say bye to the kids. D really had no clue, which Ryan said actually made it easier. I of course am still a blubbering fool.

We all have web cams and we will be able to see each other every night, but Ryan is still scared that his relationship with D will change since he is so young and right now they are so close. I think everything will be fine especially since they will be able to talk and see each other every night.

I truly hope our house sells fast and that we can be together again. Of course, it will be bitter sweet because when we are ready to all leave, we won't all be leaving. Our oldest, A, will stay here and live with her grandparents since she is a senior and is already taking some college classes. Hopefully, after graduation she will come and live with us in NY.

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