Friday, September 4, 2009

1st Show

Yesterday, we had the first showing of our house. It felt so weird. Almost like I was being violated. People were walking around my house, making comments about my stuff, while I wasn't there. I know I will get used to it but, it just made me feel uncomfortable.

Anyway, the people liked the house but, they were concerned about the garage needing new shingles and that we don't have either vinyl or steel siding. However, they are considering it. Our yard is going to be what sells our house. It is so big.

I really do hope it sells fast. The longer it takes to sell, the longer Ryan and the kids and I will be separated. I have never been away from him for more than a week. (work conferences.) I know I shouldn't complain because their are people whose loved one is away serving our country and they have been separated for many months. However, it still stresses me. I love him so.

We are still looking online for houses we are interested in. Once Ryan gets out there our choices will narrow since he will be able to rule out some. Jeepers, this whole process is hard. Ugh!

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