Monday, June 15, 2009

Yum! Catfish.

I have never actually eaten a catfish but, I do have to say that they honestly don't sound to appealing to me. So, needless to say I am happy that the only one we saw was way to big to fry up. D has seen, The Whopper, from the road but, we have never taken him down to see it and lucky for us N really wanted to fish. Fishing seems to be one of the few things he can still do with his bum arm. Of course, D had to fish some too, until he noticed the big pile of dirt right behind us. N's friend M joined us for our fishing excursion. The big boys eventually had to start digging and playing in the mud too. No fish were caught but the day was deemed a success anyway. And it did keep N from saying, "I'm so bored," for a few hours.

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