Saturday, June 20, 2009

Golfing- Mini that is.

We took Uncle Bobby mini golfing up in Fargo. We were having beautiful weather and we thought we would take advantage of it. Especially since the first day Bob was here we had tornado warnings, really scary looking clouds, heavy rain and super strong winds. Plus, we thought mini golf might be something N would be able to do with his arm.

D was a little difficult but, not too bad. We didn't even try to keep score though because D kept hitting every ones balls. N got a little tired of this. Oh well, you can't expect a 3 year old to understand the intricacies of mini golf.
We also took Bob to Scheels All Sports and we all rode the ferris wheel. See we have fun things to do here. Oooooo a ferris wheel and it is inside too. D was going to ride with his Uncle Bobby and N but after he got buckled in he started to cry for Mom and Dad. Our ferris wheel date, which Ryan had previously pointed out to me, was now going to be a date for three. I guess the more the merrier. I personally would have preferred to keep my feet on the floor because it seems the older I get the more scared of heights I am becoming. Notice the big signs posted behind each seat Ryan! Danger! Do Not Rock Seat. He obviously needs to get his eyes checked.

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