Friday, June 5, 2009

N's Poor Arm

My poor guy. He was playing in a scrimmage hockey game in Moorhead and was checked from behind. All was well. No big deal. Since the check was illegal, N was given a penalty shot. Now, normally if you are given a penalty shot it is just you and the goalie. Free shot and nobody is around to bug you. Well, for some dumb reason during this game as soon as N touched the puck it was considered live and 9 kids came charging at him. His teammates were coming to assist him and the opposing team was coming to get the puck. So in other words, N had 9 kids bearing down on him and since he had his back to them, he had no idea. A kid from the opposing team checked N from behind and smashed him into the boards where he broke both his radius and ulna clear through on his right arm.

The first two pictures are x-rays of his broken arm and the third is once his arm was set and the cast on.

He said he knew instantly that it was broken. Ryan, and the ref helped him off the ice and Ryan said he was instantly surrounded by parents of whom he knew none. One went and got our car for Ryan, others helped him to make a makeshift splint out of cardboard for N's arm. One of parents volunteered to drive ahead of Ryan leading him to the closest hospital and one awesome parent even hopped in our back seat and held N's arm all the way. Hockey parents are AWESOME.

Ryan said N had a wonderful attitude the whole time, thanking everyone that was helping him. Once the morphine kicked in Ryan said N was feeling great and was talking like crazy. Ryan said it was pretty funny. Since the break was so bad they decided they couldn't just set his arm and they would have to do surgery. However, N had had something to drink before the game so they were not able to perform the surgery last night and the poor guy had to wait till this morning. He, of course, was all doped up so, I am not sure he felt much last night. The surgery went well and there was no need for pins or a plate which is good. In 10 days we need to go back to the orthopedic surgeon in Fargo, so he can check him out.

Right now he is asleep and is taking Tylenol with codeine. He is upset that he won't be able to play hockey, baseball and golf for awhile. But hopefully we can go to the lake and even though it might be a little challenge, I bet he can fish. That will make him happy. Which of course makes me happy.

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