Tuesday, June 9, 2009

N's arm update

N is doing well. Today was day four of having the cast on and he seems to be mending fine. He actually only took 1 Tylenol with codeine today. He said he didn't really need any because it wasn't hurting too bad. The Doc must have really got his arm secure in that thing because with a break like that I don't know how he isn't in a lot of pain.

Poor D was in a lot of pain though when N accidentally bumped his cast into Drew's forehead. Poor kid got a goose egg from it and N was just walking down the hall. That cast is a hard sucker.

With N's arm craziness I was never able to write about my Lasik surgery. All went well. It has been 5 1/2 days now and life is good. The oddest thing about it is that at night my eyes still feel tired and dry like they did from wearing my contacts all day. So, I still have this urge to go take them out. My contacts that is, not my eyes. When I get this feeling it is like so, totally, cool beans because I don't have contacts anymore. So, I pop some wetting drops into my eyes and off I go. I do have to say that the coolest thing is being able to see the alarm clock. Especially when it isn't time to wake up yet.

Miss A drew these on her brother's cast. It is supposed to be the Japanese symbols for battle and scar. But she said we are not supposed to show Aunt Yoko, who is Japanese, because she may have messed up a little and it may say something like Wimpy Nerd. And let's just say that N wouldn't be too happy about that.

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