Friday, June 19, 2009

Uncle Bobby's Visit

Uncle Bobby came back to MN/ND for his 20th high school reunion. He hasn't been back here for 15 years. That's way too long Bob! He chuckled as I drove him around the twin towns because mostly everything still looks the same. Yes, it is true that Midwesterners are slow to change.

There have been some changes however. After it flooded here in '97 the town put in a huge dike system and one of the areas most highly affected by this was the park and zoo. So, of course we had to go show Uncle Bobby the changes. Plus, we go down to the zoo at least once a week because D loves to go and see the animals. D says he loves the zebras the best but he sure seems to enjoy feeding the ducks and watching the otters.

I think Ryan and Bob talked more about hockey and work than they did about the animals that surrounded them. Men.

A has been so busy with Trollwood this summer that she hasn't been able to do anything with us. Teenageers are always extremely busy aren't they? Hopefully she will be able to spend some time with her uncle.

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