Sunday, July 25, 2010

Robert Treman State Park

My goodness gracious. So, basically right after we got our internet up and running we left to go to NJ for a family reunion. And basically, right after we returned, I left the window open and it rained on our modem and we once again were without internet.

Now, we are finally up and running again and of course, one of the hinges on this laptop broke and I need to bring it in to Best Buy to be fixed. So, we will be left without a family computer for a couple of weeks. But enough is enough, I am just going to have to use Ryan's work one. Every girl needs her computer time, right?

This was what we were busy doing while it was raining on the modem.
My sis-in-law and my 3 nephews and niece came up for a visit.

We took them to our favorite local state park. They dam a spot in the river just after some falls so they can create a public swimming hole. That is Manny flying through the air.


After we swam at the swimming hole, we went up to the top of the park to show the fam the other beautiful falls. The boys had a blast sliding down the rocks.

In the spring, we could never do this because the water would be moving way too fast.

This is the first time my niece met her Uncle Ryan. She fell in love.

Every time we go here I am amazed at the beauty.

My brother was stuck at home "working." We hope to get him up here soon.

My sis-in-law Nicole and me.

My oldest nephew and his mama.

Me and my sweet niece.

Johnsie loved having his cousins visit.

This is the best picture. A girl gets thirsty after all of that hiking and swimming. More got on her shirt than in her mouth.

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Melissa said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!