Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grisamore Farms

The boys and I headed off to one of the local U-Pick Farms- Grisamore Farms because it is prime time for blueberries.

We have never been to a U-pick farm before. We had such a wonderful time.

Seriously, almost every shot of Manny catches him eating berries.
First, we picked some raspberries. Sadly their season is almost up so there weren't all that many left.

We picked about 2 pints and between the three of us we probably ate almost as much.

They have acres and acres of fruit and veggies.

And oh my, the blueberries. I so love blueberries.

Manny is already planning a trip for us to come back so we can pick enough blueberries to make some jam with. Sounds like an awesome plan to me. I better find my canner quick.

We came home with 4 pints of blueberries. They are so wonderful. We are planning to go back in September too to do some apple picking.


Melissa said...

So much fun! We did that a couple summers ago. Wish we would remember to go every year but I don't know of any close to us. We usually have to drive quite a distance.

Chickie said...

haha manny's hair!