Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still here

I am still here. Life has been so crazy. We still have no internet. Our development is so new that it is not coming up on Verizon's computer so, they don't think we can get internet. However, we keep telling them that our neighbors get their internet through them and their box is actually on our lot. Whatever!
House is still not complete. We are getting a tad bit frustrated. Our closet, bathtub, shower and some molding still aren't finished. The linen closet and front coat closet are not done yet. One cabinet in the kitchen is still missing plus, the granite tiles haven't been grouted yet. Some floor tiles need to be relaid because they are not even. Crown molding on the cabinets needs to go up. Front steps need to be built. All 3, pocket doors need to be finished. Fireplace, stairway and part of the laundry room needs at least 1 more coat of mud before we can even prime them. AND There's MORE.
So, with so many things still needing to be finished we have boxes sitting everywhere and everyday we take more and more out of our storage trailer b/c it has to be back on the 1st. We can't even put it all in our garage because half of the garage is full of our builders stuff. Oh and yeah, we can't open 1 garage door because the track isn't up yet and neither is the garage door opener and oh yeah, they still need to drill holes in 3 of our doors for dead bolts.
OK, I am going to stop because I could just go on and on.
I am grumpy and tired and today was so muggy and of course we have no air conditioning because everyone said we wouldn't need it. Yeah right. Today was so nasty. We could have gotten a little relief by sitting downstairs in our basement but, OH YEAH, that is a mess and full of our builders stuff too. We have been putting some things under the steps because there is no room anywhere else down there.
OK, so I am off to read my Better Homes and Gardens and get in a happier mood. I feel better already getting all of that off my chest. But first, I need to roll up my magazine and squish the stupid fly that keeps landing on me. Who knows where our fly swatters are!
Thanks guys. Till who knows when.
Just got the dang fly. Yes, the day is looking up!


Melissa said...

Oh no! I hope they get everything done VERY soon for you! It's so hard to be living there while waiting for things to get done. Hang in there and hopefully you will figure out the internet thing soon.

Nancy said...

Hey Cindy,
I'm sorry for all the stuff that's going on! I'd be grumpy, too. I hope the builders get on it and finish! Hang in there! And you can vent anytime you need to.

Ticia said...

That's the worst part about moving, when you're almost there, but not quite there.