Monday, June 14, 2010

A Trip To Moose

Moose Lake

Ryan's parents bought their lake place in northern MN, back when Ryan was just a little baby. Back then they used to camp in tents. Over the years they purchased a tiny camper, then a slightly larger camper and then a few years ago they bought a double wide trailer/cabin. It is so wonderful to have all of that space. There are 14 of us, if all of us are up there at the same time.

This little man has never known lake life without the cabin.

Chickie and Johnsie taking a nature walk. Accompanied by two wild hounds.

One of our nature finds. The treasure of MN. The Lady Slipper. We don't find these a lot so, we get pretty excited when we discover them.

Manny has loved fishing since he was Johnsie's age. He would be fine spending the entire day out on the boat.


a large mouth bass.

Sweet boy.


Such an odd duck.

Roasting Mallows. Ryan always gets this job because he is the Master Roaster. I don't know how he does it. They are always perfect.

Izzie planted herself right in front of Johnsie while he was eating his s'more. She looked as if she was trying to will him to drop it.

Catch and Release.

Awesome Catch!

Stalking her Prey.

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Nancy said...

It really looks like a pretty area to camp. I've never camped and I'm just not the camping type (way too girlie). But my daughter and her hubby love camping, fishing, etc. I never thought my girl would love that sort of thing, but she married into it and now loves it!!