Friday, June 11, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

These are my recent purchases.

I fell in love with these little buggers the minute I saw them.

This is a terra cotta candle stick from Hallmark. I will probably paint it black.

I can't wait to fill this with super cute eggs at Easter time.

For some reason every time I took pics in our little house the colors were always muted. That is why sometimes you see my finds lying in the grass. My pictures always come out way better outside.

I am on a milk glass kick.

Super sweet little vase

For sure, no more pictures taken in my grubby little kitchen. Yay. We moved out completely before we left for MN.

We have never had a mantle before so, I am always on the hunt for fun little things to decorate ours with. I thought she would look so great, out for Christmas. I actually bought another similar one but, forgot to take her picture.

More milk glass.

This will go on our "new" buffet in our dining room for the spring. Can't wait to start working on the buffet and posting before and after pics.

I see this guy painted black with orange or red candles and spider web draped over it, on our mantle for Halloween.

I would like to paint this lady, white for our new master bath.

I am always looking for neat candle sticks for the mantle.

Oh my goodness, more milk glass. One thing I never want to do is, collect so many of one thing that each individual piece gets lost. So, I think that is enough milk glass for me.

I picked up this wine decanter, not because we drink wine, because we usually don't, but because it is green and I am doing green accents in our new kitchen. I just thought it was too neat to pass up for $2. Not exactly sure where it will go or if I will put any dried flowers in it or not. I will figure that out later I guess.


Ticia said...

Looks like some interesting finds.

Laura said...

What awesome finds. I really love the wine decanter.

Laura @ along for the ride

daniii♥ said...

Cute finds!

(visiting from nff)

Lydia @ On The Verge said...

You are good! I never find cool stuff like that when I am looking!


Angie S said...

You got some really cool stuff! I love that decanter and really like the pourer thingy you'll out in your master bath. What is it called? I remember my grandmother had one of those in her bathroom. I looked for it the other day and it was gone :(
Cute stuff :)

Debbie said...

I have a cake plate with the pink flowers on the clear glass like you have pictured above. It is one of my treasured wedding gifts.

Nanny Dee said...

Wow -- great finds!

Hubby and I just went browsing yesterday and let's just say I brought home a "few" things myself!