Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day 09

We took our annual trip to the lake for Memorial Day weekend. We had a great time. Our poor A had to stay home because she had to work. ISH. I missed her so much that my heart actually hurt. Really, honestly, I had chest pains every time I thought about her.
Gram, Gramps, Matt, Jodie, Je, Jo, R, Ryan, N, and myself were the ones who were made it to the lake. Kirk and Yoko couldn't make it. The weather was awesome. N and Je fished like crazy and ended up catching a bunch of sunnies, which Ryan and Matt ended up cleaning. Gramps had to give them a booster lesson since it has been a few years since they both cleaned sunnies. The next day we had the fish for lunch. Yum!.
D, Ryan and I took a paddle boat ride and saw more wildlife than we ever do. We passed a Mama Loon who was getting upset with us because her nest must have been close. She basically stood on the water. Then we saw a beaver swimming, two blue herons, trumpeter swans flying north, some ducks flying and we were lucky enough to even have a stink duck right in the boat with us. Ugh D.

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